Monday, September 10, 2012

things for me to do while feeling glum in this new and sometimes lonely place: 1. assemble a care package of all things virginia and send it on home 2. buy postcards at the museum and send those too. 3. find a bike, and actually get one, not just browse around on craigslist. brave and go to a bar by yourself., read, read! even if its a crap magazine. 6.go to hollywood cemetery, even if you have to take a cab. 7.sign up for an art class or something of that sort and stick to it! 8. go to a show. 9. apply to grad schools that have always interested you. 10. head to the thrift store and stay awhile.. 11. just take a long walk and haul off iced coffee 12. even if you're sans sewing machine, you can still sew by hand! 13.cook something new and exciting! 14. watch girly nineties movies (clueless is on netflix now). 15. call your brother. 16. get your nose pierced 17. climb a tree

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